Friday, June 4, 2021

2022 Journey

Whether you're a novice author or have already travelled the road with us, there is much to learn and fine tune on your journey through your first or next book.  

Our 2022 journey dates are as follows, available in-person or via videochat:

  • Act I
    : The Hook, Inciting Incident, and Key Event in your journey - Fri, April 29
  • Act IIPinch Points on your path and everything in between. (This is where we the magic happens) - Weekly, end of May through beginning of November
  • Midpoint: Making the switch from reactionary to proactive - Sunday, July 31
  • Act IIIFalse Win, Climax, and Resolution of your journey - Friday, October 21
  • EpilogueThe Business of Books, Authorpreneur, et cetera - Friday, January 6, 2022 
  • Book Bash! -  Sunday, February 26, 2022