Act I

 Schedule reworked on 01-11-21 
due to changes occasioned by
current state affairs

Sat, 6 March 2021, 9am-4pm

Planned at Paris In A Cup in Orange, CA, pending health regulations

During our introductory prep session, we'll gear up to face the winding road ahead. Bring your notes and ideas, your questions and conundrums, and don't forget an open mind along with a willing spirit.


  • 9-9:45am - Nod 'n' Nosh - Meet your journey companions over breakfast and be prepared to share your preparatory homework


9:45-10 BREAK 
  • 10am - The Author Life Basics
  • 11am - Writing Project Basics
12-1pm - LUNCH 
  • 1-2:45pm - The Journey
  • 1-2pm - Hero’s Journey Basics
  • 2-2:45pm - Your Story’s Journey

2:45-3pm - BREAK 

  • 3-4pm - Tea & Sympathy - Share your questions and challenges over a cuppa 
  • 3:45pm Wrap Up

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