Act II

Weekly, online, last week of May - first week of November, 2021 (day TBD)

The Road Goes Ever On

This is the hardest part of the journey, the relentless unforgiving slog, putting down one word after another for months on end. Fortunately, we offer a respite from the weariness at our weekly focus sessions held at The Green Dragon pub, otherwise known as a Facebook Room. 

Each session will center with a different topic, all geared toward the goal of getting you to your destination as painlessly and efficiently as possible. Come armed with work to share and questions to ask. 

We'll connect via Facebook Room with topical resources posted on each FB event page. Weekly sessions will run from 5-8pm PT on a day agreed upon by the group. Time will be allotted to go over the day's topic, share your W.I.P., and in some sessions, write! 

Participate in the 24 sessions as often as you can make it to ensure you stay on course and on schedule. Activity may include:

  • Project progress - share how things are going
  • How you applied the topic from the previous session
  • Your goals for the current session
  • Presentation of the topic du jour by your journey guide
  • Q&A about the topic du jour
  • Critiques of work submitted by others. Anyone who gets snarky or behaves in a way the journey guide feels is not productive, will receive a warning. If they don’t shape up, they will be removed from the critique portion of the sessions and their work will not be critiqued. Understood?
  • Submitted work to be critiqued can be a paragraph, a page, or an entire chapter. I suggest providing a “non-copyable” image and even slapping a watermark on it. Longer selections should be submitted a week prior to critiquing.
  • A chunk of time (45+ minutes) just for writing. During this time, you are welcome to have a one-on-one chat about your project with your guide
  • Your guide may provide a writing prompt or sprint opportunity based on the current lesson. This activity is optional and is meant to help “stuck” or frustrated writers break free of the doldrums and get re-energized


Sessions #8 & 16 will be dedicated to pinch points, not only as apply to story structure, but also when it comes to your writing journey. 

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