Triumph at Mount Doom!

Do not despair. You're so close! And if you can hold out just a little longer, you will succeed, the ring will be destroyed, the Shire will be saved, the eagles will come to deliver you to safety, and your book will be published.

Friday, November 12: 9am-4pm PT 

at Paris In A Cup in Orange, CA. Light breakfast, lunch, and cream tea will be served. Cost is $100 for the full day (in addition to tuition)


9-9:45am - Sustenance & soul-bearing 
  • Over breakfast, we’ll discuss the ups & downs of the author’s journey thus far, especially as applies to editing
9:45-10 - BREAK 

10-11:45am - Critiques & candid conversation
  • We’ll spend about 10 minutes on each author’s work, taking a break midway if needed 
12-1pm - LUNCH 


1-1:45pm - The Final Battle
  • Dealing with burnout!
  • Choosing your chief weapon -- an editor
  • Picking up your sword to slay the parts of your book that have plagued you most (Plan on sharing what still vexes you.)

1:45-2pm - BREAK


2-2:45pm - Now what?
  • Last edits and finishing touches
  • Matter: Front & Back
  • Blurb
  • Cover considerations
2:45-3pm - BREAK 

3-3:45pm - Tea & Sympathy 
  • Share your questions and challenges about the day’s content over a cuppa 

3:45pm - Wrap Up & Epilogue Teaser

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