Retreat Ranger
Publisher | Producer | Philanthropist 

A self-described eventeur, Joy's career began in performing arts marketing with a side of film production. She's seen fifteen of her original plays and five adapted works staged, and helped pioneer the genres of openframe, interactive, and immersive theater. For more than a decade she helmed a traveling performance troupe while freelancing as a copywriter, editor, ghostwriter, and graphic artist.

More recently, after three years serving as publisher and chief editor for a now-archived online magazine, she authored the five-part 1920s Tea Cozy Mysteries series and The Tea Traveller's Constant Companion guidebooks. On a whim she published a children's Halloween tale in 2019, and now has a series planned. She's been involved with a number of philanthropic entities from the ground up, including the fledgling Whimsicalidocious arts nonprofit that runs E. Gads Hill Press through which dozens of writers have been published as part of a three-book anthology series.

Her extensive knowledge of afternoon tea and etiquette led to the creation of the thriving Tea Travellers Societea for whom she conducts walk-in-the-footsteps-of-the-characters trips and theme events. In 2018, she succumbed to audience needling and created the Tea & Sympathy Investigative Agency—a female detective club where card-carrying sleuths solve a cold case over a hot cuppa. Over the years, she has been recruited as a speaker, panelist, and presenter at conferences and private events for special interest groups.

Joy is now preparing for the February 2020 launch of the Academy of Omniosophical Arts & Sciences, a project ten years in the making. The academy will offer an interactive and collaborative approach to education, entertainment, and enrichment with programs designed to enable participants to spread their creative wings through a variety of artistic disciplines. As part of the endeavor, her academy-themed 49-novella series will be published, as will a tongue-in-cheek newspaper with content contributed by readers. She will also produce a series of Youtube shows and a slew of immersive experiences. She runs a weekly write-in meetup in Southern California and has a number of projects on the drawing board, including two additional mystery series, an upstairs-downstairs spoof, and a high-fantasy trilogy. Her greatest passion is seeing others realize their artistic dreams.