Triumph at Mount Doom

Don't despair. You're so close! And if you can hold out just a little longer, you will succeed, the ring will be destroyed, the Shire will be saved, the eagles will come to deliver you to safety, and your book will be published.

Fri-Sun, 5-7 November 2021

  • Afternoon Check-in at the oh-so-cool Mission Inn in Riverside
  • Afternoon session - Branding and Social Presence party preparedness
  • Happy Hour* Meet & Greet {the Inn's Presidential Lounge}
  • Publishing Scavenger Hunt 
  • Welcome Dinner* {the Inn's Las Campanas patio} 
  • Best Opening Line contest, Chapter Reads & Cover Show-offs {location TBD}
  • Dessert social {Retreat Ranger's suite}

  • Tao Cheng (a cross between Tai Chi & Qi Gong) {location TBD}
  • Breakfast* 
  • All Day with Working Lunch - Online Fellowship Launch Party. Each author will have a half-hour timeslot in the limelight
  • Tea & Triumph - Cheers! Clink cups and ask any lingering questions over afternoon tea on the patio 
  • Evening - E-book purchase party, reviews, shares, hoopla! {Lobby}
  • Dinner* at Duane's Steak House - come dressed as one of your own characters

  • Langrada (a cross between Yoga & Pilates) {location TBA}
  • Breakfast* 
  • Check out
  • Morning session {Retreat Ranger's suite} - I'm published, now what? Getting serious about your Series, Next steps
  • Pop the cork Celebration Brunch! 
  • Farewell to our fellowship of published authors {Lobby}
* indicates no-host activity, cost not included